Nicolette Leonardis

President and Co-Founder


Vertical Impression

Vertical Impression is North America’s fastest-growing elevator advertising network. We provide access to unique advertising venues with innovative targeting tools. Our elevator screens serve continuous, unavoidable ads to audiences habituated to look at our screens. By partnering with us you’ll get your messages in front of hard-to-reach urban audiences, where they work, live, and spend. Most importantly we deliver high-impact impressions that drive success.

We have a goal of raising the standard of quality in the OOH industry by providing the most trusted impression models; providing easy, ubiquitous access to our inventory; and providing partners with meaningful audience insights. To put it simply, Vertical Impression is the standard in elevator advertising.

A few things about me: 

🏗️ Co-founder of the fastest-growing elevator advertising network
🌎 Led growth from a single market to a North America- wide network
📈 3x revenue during the pandemic
📱Partnered with Rogers Sports and Media
🎨 Expertise in all things OOH, AI vision tech, and Residential marketing. 
🔥 Over a decade leading experience delivering high quality, high impact results for brands
⏫ Raising the standard of quality in the OOH Industry with audited impression 
🎤 Sought after speaker at AD Tech, DOOH, and Women’s Empowement events
👩‍💼 DPAA WEDOOH board member