Welcome to the Toronto AdTECH: OOH Conference. This event is aimed at those already in AdTECH wishing to learn more about the Out of Home Industry, and for those in Out of Home who wish to better understand Automation, Programmatic Buying, Marketplaces, Media Exchanges and Revenue Management.

This event is being Chaired by Stephanie Gutnik | Global Head of DOOH | Yahoo!



    WEDNESDAY MAY 24th, 2023


    13:00 Welcome
    Chair | Stephanie Gutnik | Global Head of DOOH | Yahoo

    13:30 Keynote
    Thierry Lessard | Head of Data and Technologies | Cartier Media

    14:00 Winning together to grow DOOH
    Seif Khemaissia | Managing Director | GroupM

    14:30 Case Study: How GlobalTV (Corus) saw a 10x lift in viewing intent with pDOOH campaign
    Aliya Sharif | Marketing Campaign Manager | Broadsign
    in Conversation with
    Marita Olcese | Media Planning Manager | Corus Entertainment

    14:45 Fireside Chat: Taking Data to the Next Level: The power of audience data to target and reach premium Canadian segments on BIG and small screens
    Lee Lin | Executive Director – Data Solutions | Cineplex Media
    in discussion with
    Lillian Smith | Commercial Strategy Director | MiQ

    15:05 COFFEE BREAK

    15:30 Data-Forward Advertising: From Execution to Attribution
    Farrokh Mansouri | Head of Data Science | COMMB brings together data leaders and industry experts to discuss leveraging data and data technologies in OOH advertising. Data is becoming the core of OOH planning, execution, and attribution – our panel of experts will discuss opportunities, new developments, and trends in data-driven OOH advertising. This panel will feature:
    Jan Kestle | President | Environics Analytics
    Pasquale (Pat) Pellegrini | President | Vividata
    Craig Benner | CEO | Accretive Media
    Solange Bernard | Head of Marketing | Tim Hortons

    16:00 Case Study: How Aspex Eyewear’s Multi-touch Marketing Campaign
    Leveraged Vistar Media’s proximity targeting capabilities

    Jenn Larry | Global Head of Marketing | Aspex Eyewear
    Scott Mitchell | Managing Director Canada | Vistar Media

    16:15 Veterans Affairs Canada Case Study
    Nour Derouiche | Media Planning Manager | Cossette Media
    Dana Tisch | VP of Sales, Canada | Hivestack

    16.30 Women in Marketing
    Amanda Newell | Chief Revenue Officer | Adapt Media and Chameleon Digital Media
    Kari Zalik | Publicist | Bad Parade
    Nicolette Leonardis | President and Co-Founder | Vertical Impression
    Stefania Mancini | General Manager | Intuit Canada
    in Conversation with
    Debbie Benadiba | CEO | Talon Canada

    17:00 Closing Remarks
    Chair | Stephanie Gutnik | Global Head of DOOH | Yahoo!

    17.15 CLOSE


    • Debbie Benadiba
      Debbie Benadiba
      Talon Canada
    • Craig Benner
      Craig Benner
      Accretive Media
    • Solange Bernard
      Solange Bernard
      Tim Hortons
    • Nour Derouiche
      Nour Derouiche
      Cossette Media
    • Amanda Dorenberg
      Amanda Dorenberg
    • Stephanie Gutnik
      Stephanie Gutnik
    • Jan Kestle
      Jan Kestle
      Environics Analytics
    • Seif Khemaissia
      Seif Khemaissia
    • Jenn Larry
      Jenn Larry
      Aspex Eyewear
    • Nicolette Leonardis
      Nicolette Leonardis
      Vertical Impression
    • Thierry Lessard
      Thierry Lessard
      Cartier Media
    • Lee Lin
      Lee Lin
      Cineplex Media
    • Stefania Mancini
      Stefania Mancini
      Intuit Canada
    • Farrokh Mansouri
      Farrokh Mansouri
    • Scott Mitchell
      Scott Mitchell
      Vistar Media
    • Amanda Newell
      Amanda Newell
      Adapt Media and Chameleon Digital Media
    • Marita Olcese
      Marita Olcese
      Corus Entertainment
    • Pasquale (Pat) Pellegrini
      Pasquale (Pat) Pellegrini
    • Aliya Sharif
      Aliya Sharif
    • Lillian Smith
      Lillian Smith
    • Dana Tisch
      Dana Tisch
    • Kari Zalik
      Kari Zalik
      Bad Parade

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    Scotiabank Theatre Toronto

    259 Richmond St W

    Toronto, ON